Flower Power – How to Incorporate Florals into your Cocktails

We’re exploring all things florals when it comes to creative ways of incorporate stunning florals and tasting notes into your cocktails. We will be exploring the use of Rose Water, Edible Florals, creating stunning Ice fixtures and so much more to create delicious Floral Cocktails. Incorporating Florals into your cocktails doesn’t have to be difficult and very accessible. Let’s discover below!

If you’d like to watch the live segment shared on CTV’s The Social, make sure to click on the photo below! Note that if it isn’t linked, that’s because it’s not uploaded just yet on the CTV website. Hang tight, and check back the following day.

Creating Stunning Floral Ice

It’s so easy to create a stunning display for your cocktail bar by incorporating florals into your ice! From creating a Floral Ice Bowl, putting into your ice cube molds, popsicles and so much more, I share a delicious Chamomile and Whisky Punch Recipe that can be served in your Floral Ice Bowl this spring. Click the photo below to get to the recipe for this delicious floral cocktail!

Using Rose Water in a Rosé Wine Slushie

Rose Water is something that’s typically used in desserts, and a little goes a long way! But you can also shake them up in cocktails, and I do so with this Rosé Wine Slushie using LYV Rosé Wine. Plus, you can easily blend this up and pour it into a freezie for a longer lasting frozen treat! Find out more below.

Incorporating Floral Bitters and Dried Florals

One very easy way to incorporate floral notes in your floral cocktails is by picking up floral bitters! There’s a ton of options available to the public from Lavender, Chamomile, Rose and so much more. I share my tips on how best to mix with these flavours and showcasing a delicious cocktails with Sheringham Seaside Gin from Vancouver Island. Learn more by clicking the photo below.

Working with Elderflower for Floral Cocktails

Elderflower is such a popular flavour to incorporate in your cocktails. The team at Prosyro said it best, it’s like a Bartender’s Ketchup and can go on pretty much anything. With that said, I share some of the delicious Elderflower options that are available. PLUS, I’ll be sharing a lower-in-alcohol beverage mixed with an Amontillado Sherry that is absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer!

Let’s talk GLASSWARE!

You may have noticed on the show all the stunning glassware that was featured for these Floral Cocktails. Well lucky for you, Liquid Culture has an exclusive page where you can shop all the glassware, PLUS get a 10% Discount at checkout by using the code MONICA. Shipping available all across Canada.

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