Meet Crystal Head Vodka

This is the first of what I assume will be many lovely features of unique brands and spirits, with this particular lineup being 100% Canadian. Yes, I will always have a soft spot for Canadian Spirits and what we showcase to the world. So without further ado, meet the Crystal Head lineup.

It’s not easy to stand out against popular vodka giants on the shelves, so what can you do? You capture peoples attention with a premium spirit in the most unlikely of bottle shapes. I remember first spotting Crystal Head Vodka about 9 years ago, when it seemed as if Vodka had few artisanal options in the market. We’re slowly seeing a shift back into vodka, appreciating this spirit for more than just its neutral base. Lucky for us, Crystal Head has a varying selection of vodkas to choose from, and I’ll be sharing those tasting notes below! I’ll be diving into the brand and where they’re from, plus I even have a couple recipes for everyone to enjoy.

History of Crystal Head

If you’re looking for something truly CANADIAN, it’s hard to look past Crystal Head. It’s produced out of the province of Newfoundland, and one of the masterminds behind the brand is the famed Dan Aykroyd. For Canadians, he is a true legend that needs no introduction, and it’s wonderful to see celebrities and comedians embracing our heritage and nation. With that said, he teamed up with artist John Alexander to make this premium, pure spirit.

Now something I didn’t know and found interesting with the brand is the base of the spirit. Peaches and CREAM CORN are distilled 4 times in a neutral grain spirit, and blended with the waters of Newfoundland. Once distilled, it’s filtered through layers of semi precious crystals called Herkimer diamonds to create the product you see here!

The shape of the bottle is another story, symbolizing life, power and enlightenment. It also represents itself as being a “pure spirit”, with no additives, glycerol, citrus oils or sugars added. It’s exactly what it set out to be…pure.

With that said, I have to admit, that this vodka has a bit of bite. It’s classic style offers a sharp finish, which I find fitting to the personality of the bottle. But you don’t get this on the nose. It has almost vanilla-like qualities to it, with a soft pepper palate, hence why the general consensus is that this is a sweeter styled Vodka. Since we know this has corn and peach properties during the distillation process, the sweetness makes all the sense in the world. Now I typically taste my spirits at room temperature, but I definitely recommend chilling the bottle well before imbibing, because it truly is great to sip once chilled. That I believe was their true intention of how to enjoy this vodka, and it doesn’t disappoint.


Next we have the Aurora, which as you might have guessed is inspired by the natural light phenomenom ‘Aurora Borealis’. From the classic, you have a very different product, offering what I believe to be a ton more spices! It’s distilled with only English Wheat grain and the waters of Newfoundland. There’s a ton of lavender and grassy notes to this vodka, and it’s much bolder and drier than its classic component. Much like its bottle, it’s deceivingly spicy, and the reason why I decided to whip up this incredible Strawberry Rose Vodka Martini recipe. Find the recipe attached here!

John Alexander

Does the name ring a bell? Well, it should, seeing as I just mentioned it paragraphs earlier about John Alexander’s contribution to this brand. He’s the artist that teamed up with Dan Aykroyd in producing this brand and for the initial design of the bottle. In honour of Crystal Head’s 10 year anniversary, John Alexander produced a limited edition Artist Series bottle that you see here!

With only 25,000 of these bottles made, you’ll be lucky to still find this bottle around. It’s derived from Alexander’s classic art piece ‘Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life’. This gave enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of Alexander’s work. Plus, you still get the same quality spirit in this artist series limited edition.

For the classic Crystal Head bottle, I decided to get creative with the bottle, and use it as a punch bowl. You’ll have to take out the spirit and stir it back in, but this dragonfruit punch is one of my favourite punches I’ve thrown together for Liquid Culture. That’s the thing about Vodka, it is virtually limitless with possibilities because of its neutral base. Plus Canadians still seem to love their Whisky and Vodka, so why not keep it Canadian with this product? Check out the recipe for this Dragonfruit Bubbly Punch Bowl Cocktail here!

Monica Carbonell

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