The Debbie Sour – Rye, Sortilege and Ancho Reyes Sour Cocktail

Created in honour of @recipesbydebbie, this unique Canadian cocktail shakes up some of the ingredients found in her bar. Looking for advice on what to whip up with the bottles in your home bar? Comment or contact VIA socials and I’d be happy to help!

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Sip Your Greens – Strawberry, Asparagus, Thyme Gin Porthole Infuser Cocktail

Today’s #DrinkYourGram cocktail is one that I’m really excited about. For one, I found an excuse to bring out the Porthole Infuser, which really couldn’t have landed at a better time. With everyone in Self Isolation because of COVID-19, we’re all doing our part to stay motivated and sane. With that, the serge of virtual chat rooms has kept us all busy, and typically with a drink in hand. But if you don’t want to keep re-shaking up a cocktail throughout the call, this recipe is PERFECT! That’s because the Porthole infuser holds up to 4 drinks, PLUS, the more time it’s left to infuse, the more flavours you’ll extract. See why this Strawberry, Thyme and Asparagus Gin Spring cocktail needs to be making an appearance at your next virtual chat.

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Rhubarb Spring Negroni

There’s nothing more classic to me than the Negroni cocktail to honour National Cocktail Day. It has been my go-to for so long, and it only seemed fair that I would create a Spring Inspired Negroni for this special segment on Global’s The Morning Show. Today’s concoction is made with Hamilton’s Collective Arts Rhubarb and Hibiscus Gin, Campari and some Dry Vermouth by Dolin’s. See how to make this delicious number at home below!

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Chamomile & Grapefruit Paloma

I love incorporating Tea flavours for my Spring Cocktails, that’s why I put together Chamomile, Honey and a more delicate style of Grapefruit, the Oro Blanco for this twist on the classic Paloma cocktail. Shaken up with Tequila, this will quench anybodies thirst! Plus we add a little bit of Salty Paloma’s Heartbreaker Rim made with Raw Sugar Cane and Grapefruit Zest.

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Lemon Lavender Caipiroska

As part of my segment with Global’s The Morning Show, I showcase one of the most popular summer drinks which is a Caipiroska. If you’ve never heard of a Caipiroska, you may not have heard of its original cocktail form called the ‘Caipirinha’. Both are citrus forward, with a ton of lime and sugar, much like a margarita or daiquiri. However, the original Caipirinha calls for Cachaca (Brazilian Rum), while the Caipiroska is made with VODKA! If you’re venturing into the world of cocktails for the first time, working with Vodka is one of the easiest ways in. Plus, most households in Canada will likely carry Vodka before Cachaca. It’s tasty, approachable and full of Spring flavours!

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Apocalyptic Fog

Today’s #DrinkYourGram theme was influenced by the rise of COVID-19 and with all of us locked in our homes while we wait out this virus, I decided to have fun with it. It feels a bit Apocalyptic, which got me thinking about what would be my last “drink” with my last meal. So I asked my audience what spirit they would use for their last drink, and a few other important factors such as ‘Will you be running away from Zombies, or relaxing until the end?”. I hope everyone could enjoy this laugh, and I’m excited to share the results!

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Patrick Bond – Sophisticated Irish Whiskey cocktail for St Patrick’s Day

If there was a cocktail that could embody an elevated, class and sophistication to the St Patrick’s Day celebrations, this would be a close contender. Today’s cocktail is in honour of your votes for this week’s #DrinkYourGram feature. Made with Irish Whiskey, Drambuie, Green Chartreuse (for that touch of green) with Coffee & Cacao Bitters! If you love a unique spirit forward cocktail, this is your mix!

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Luck of the Celery – Celery and Grapefruit Cocktail made with Prairie Organic Vodka

Full disclosure, I am not one to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. I think I partied hard ONE year during University (I was super cool, can you tell?), but that was all my body was willing to take. So when I think of Green Beer to commemorate St Patrick’s Day, I want to run the other way. What way is that? Well, I’ll make sure that my drink has as little sugar as possible, using a clear spirit like the Prairie Vodka used here, and some sort of green herb/vegetable. Since I still had a ton of Celery from last week’s #DrinkYourGram cocktail, I decided to juice this vegetable and create a VERY refreshing imbibe. See how below!

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The Celery Bradshaw – Gin, Hibiscus and Celery Cocktail

Featuring this week’s #DrinkYourGram special – crafted with Collective Art’s Gin, Honey Hibiscus Syrup, Chartreuse Gentiane, fresh lime and celery bitters! See below how the vote’s for this weeks cocktail turned into this delicious number.

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