Plum Ova – Tiki Cocktail #DrinkYourGram

In an effort to give the people what they want to see, I cast votes every week and drop a new recipe each Friday on the Liquid Culture Instagram. This is the result of some of your votes and I can’t wait to share this Tiki inspired Cocktail!

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The Collective Plumlet – Plum Gimlet

I forgot how much I loved Plums, especially when its vibrancy comes through in a cocktail. This riff on a Gimlet does JUST that with a homemade Plum Cordial and using Collective Art’s Plum & Blackthorn Gin. See why The Collective Plumlet is going to quickly become your favourite cocktail.

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Fizzy Plum – Ramos Gin Fizz with Collective Art’s Plum Blackthorn Gin

There is something so satisfying about a Ramos Gin Fizz, so when I was developing recipes for Collective Art’s newest Plum Blackthorn Gin, I knew I had to shake it up in this classic. Your arm may hurt after this one, but it will be worth EVERY sip.

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Fino Camomile Julep

If it hasn’t been obvious enough, I’m going through a Sherry phase. This Fortified Wine offers so many possibilities when it comes to cocktails, especially when you throw an Amontillado to the mix. This time around, I got a chance to experiment with Alvear’s Fino Sherry, and I gotta tell you, it’s one of my favourite Fino’s in the market. I decided to let the Fino shine in the most simple way, and I put together a refreshing, Low in Alcohol Julep paired with some Chamomile and Citrus. Perfect for a Dry-ish January? I think so!

If you’re new to sherry, or just haven’t converted to it’s funky, aromatic style, I think one of the most approachable ways to enjoy a Sherry is in a Julep or Cobbler form. It makes sense. Historically, Sherry Cobblers were imbibed at every bar and one of the first classic cocktails to include this fortified wine. Plus, some of my favourite Juleps have been made with Aperitivo’s, and with Fino Sherry being low in alcohol and very bright, I figured it would work.

The Alvear Fino comes with a bit of a nutty flavour that I thought would pair well with Chamomile. I pulled one of my old Syrup recipes that uses Chamomile, and it was a perfect match. I just added a 1/2 ounce of the syrup with a dash of citrus. This cocktail takes VERY LITTLE time to make, plus it’s great as a low-alcoholic option for those participating in a dry-ISH January. The only thing I HAVE to stress is that you use CRUSHED ICE. There are no if’s, and’s or but’s about this. Crushed ice is essential to getting the cocktail diluted quick enough, making this cocktail almost too easy to sip.

Fino Camomile Julep

Featuring a very easy, Low in Alcohol Julep made with Alvear Fino, Chamomile Syrup and a touch of citrus for a refreshing imbibe.

– Difficulty: Intermediate

Servings 1 cocktail
Author Monica C


  • 2 oz Alvear Fino Sherry
  • 1/2 oz Chamomile Syrup
  • 1/3 oz Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 1 bouquet Mint Leaves the more the merrier


  1. In a Julep Tin or Thick-Glassed Vessel, add your sherry, syrup and lemon. Fill your glass with 1/2 Crushed ice and stir/churn. Continue to add more crushed ice and stir/churn until you have a dollop of crushed ice on top.

  2. Add your bouquet of mint, add your reusable/paper straw and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

To find the chamomile syrup, follow the link attached!

The Royal Pear: My First Date with the Porthole Infuser

So you may have remembered all the French Press Cocktails I used to make. The reality is, it was the affordable substitute for what the Porthole Infuser does. I was spoiled this Christmas with this unique tool, and I can’t get enough of it. This is the first cocktail I ever made with the Porthole Infuser and I can’t wait to share.

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The Conscious Imbiber – 4 Non Alcoholic Drinks to serve this Dry January

Dry January is not something new to the cocktail culture, but what is new is the amount of options available to create a delicious and inventive Non Alcoholic beverage. So for those of you looking for something creative without the effects of alcohol, well LC’s here to save the day!

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Cherry Bouquet – A Beer Cocktail minus the Alcohol

If you’ve been following Liquid Culture for some time now, you know my enthusiasm for beer cocktails. Well this time around, I’m working with a Non Alcoholic Beer brand called Big Drop Brewing with this amazing sip created for the ladies on CTV’s The Social. Catch it shaken up here!

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Shrubby Breeze

Here’s what I can guarantee. One, you will forget your troubles and the winter blues with this tropical vibe. Two, you won’t miss the alcohol in this amazing new Non Alcoholic beverage I’m sharing with everyone today on LC and CTV’s The Social!

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