Dillon’s Peach Schnapps 75

For this peach hump day, I’m very excited to share a unique and local product with my community. For those unfamiliar, Dillon’s is a distiller based out of Beamsville Ontario. Whenever you’re heading to the Niagara Region for some wine tasting, I always recommend to take a quick stop here first. With that said, you can bet I was very excited when they announced a limited edition Peach Schnapps to their lineup. I finally got my hands on this gem, and it’s everything I expected and more! So for today’s cocktail, I wanted to make sure that the schnapps would be brilliantly highlighted and complimented with some fresh summer flavours. For those who love a good French 75, look no further with this peach influence.

Lets talk about the tasting notes when it comes to this Peach Schnapps. The one thing I’ve always hated about schnapps is that artificial and cloying sugar taste. You know what I’m talking about, it’s when concentrations and oils are used to supplement actual fresh fruit. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve never used peach schnapps in any of my hump day peach cocktails to date…until today. Fortunately you don’t get that here. No artificial flavours or colours are used to create this bottle.

Another important factor to what makes this schnapps so different is the fact that they use REAL NIAGARA PEACHES. True foodies know, peaches coming from Niagara is unlike anywhere else in Ontario. So the result is this insanely bright and fresh schnapps, that’s right folks, a citrus forward schnapps, that’s packed with flavours and isn’t overly sweet. You’ll also taste a bit of spice coming from the Ontario Rye that they use as their base.

Seeing as this is my first cocktail with Dillon’s Peach Schnapps (expect more…a lot more), I wanted to make sure that I highlighted it’s bright and fresh flavours. For someone that can’t stomach sparkling wine or champagne, I do love a French 75, plus I knew adapting this recipe would really make the peach schnapps shine with its effervescence. Probably the best part about this whole recipe is that anyone can throw this together. No complicated syrups here. Just a delicious honey, a dry London-style gin, fresh orange juice, peach schnapps and some sparkling wine!

If I planned this appropriately, I would have definitely thrown in some fresh Lemon Verbena leaves. Also you can simply replace the orange juice with muddle fresh peaches in the shaker if you’d like. I really love what the honey did for this cocktail, so I would stick to this, or even create a honey and verbena syrup!

Dillon's Peach Schnapps 75

An amazing riff on a French 75 using Dillon's Dry Gin, Dillon's Peach Schnapps, honey and some sparkling wine to top.

Difficulty: Easy

Servings 1 cocktail
Author Monica C


  • 1/2 oz Dillon's Dry Gin
  • 2/3 oz Peach Schnapps
  • 1/2 oz Fresh Orange Juice
  • 1 heaping tsp Honey
  • 4 oz Sparkling Wine


  1. In a shaker, combine honey, orange juice, gin and peach schnapps with ice and shake

  2. Strain into flute glass and top with sparkling wine

Monica Carbonell

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