Exploring Canada with Cocktails; Special Coast to Coast episode with CTV’s The Social

OH CANADA, our home of delicious drinks (say this again to the rhythm of our anthem)! Yes, I went there. But I love this country, as much as I love Liquid Culture, which as you can image, is A LOT! I can’t thank my parents enough for immigrating here, and being able to call this beautiful country home. So this time around, I wanted to show you what this country has to offer when it comes to some outstanding spirits. Ready to explore with me?

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the segment on TV, that’s okay because you can watch me on video via this link here. I demo how to make a delicious Empress Gin cocktail and we explore some history when it comes to Canadian spirits.

Now if you’re curious about the cocktails I made on the show, you can click on the images below to direct you where you need to be! We travel coast to coast to explore what this beautiful country has to offer, and there’s definitely some unique stuff out there. I wish I could feature more, but there really was no more table space or time to share, but I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new about Canada that you did not know about. You definitely want to check out the video, so make sure to follow the link above. Cheers!

British Columbia

Our first stop is B.C. where we talk about the importance of cideries and craft brewing, and one really unique Gin!


This isn’t your typical Whisky province. We won’t be talking about Rye here, but instead highlight the diversity coming out of this province, including Eau Claire’s Equinox Prickly Pear spirit!


Well there’s no way we can talk Canada without talking about Whisky, and Ontario used to have a thriving Micro-Distillery scene back in the early 1800s. With that in mind, we’re going full circle and exploring a great micro distillery here in Ontario called Collingwood!


If you’ve never been to the East Coast, Screech Rum may seem like a foreign concept, but it holds a close heritage and tradition out in Newfoundland! You can’t be an honorary Newfoundlander without tasting some Screech. You’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Monica Carbonell

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