Liquid Culture’s Holiday Gift Guide – All Things American Whiskey

You’re probably here because you have a special someone that loves everything American Whiskey on your Holiday List. Browsing through the aisles at the LCBO can seem intimidating, but Liquid Culture is here to take away the anxiety this Holiday Season. This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is filled with a variety of American Whiskies to choose from, with your budget in mind.

For point of reference, please note that all bottles mentioned are items that are / should be available in Ontario. For the international guests on here, I kept in mind the selection that’s available within our province and know full well that there is still a WORLD of products yet to be tasted.

All Bottles and Products mentioned are entirely unsponsored. We wanted to provide you with our outmost honesty this holiday season. This way no one is getting crappy gifts this season.

Budget Friendly American Whiskey

It was important for me to come up with Budget Friendly options for this Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you’re looking for a Stocking Stuffer offer, have a limited budget for Secret Santa, or maybe you’re looking for something Value driven for your Holiday Party at home, this list is for you. Showcasing bottles under the $50 price range that offers great value and maybe something a bit different from your norm.

Redemption Bourbon Whiskey – Priced at $49.20. It’s been a while since Bourbon has been on my radar. Largely because I’m a big Rye Whisky fan, and obviously I like to support my Canadian distilleries first. We also don’t have a ton of the MANY and I mean MANNYYY Whiskies that’s made available in the United States. So with the limited offerings in Ontario, I get excited when something new comes into view. Redemption is just that and the Bourbon did not disappoint. For those looking for something different to the shelves with a classic Bourbon profile, you’ll love this.

Rittenhouse Straight Rye Bottle in Bond – Priced at $49.95. I hate to admit this but I have to say it…the Rye’s coming out of the US are some of my absolute favourites PERIOD. Part of that lineup includes Rittenhouse, which always delivers when it comes to whiskey. This is a MUST for my Cocktail Bar at home, but that’s because I love a good Manhattan with a strong, spicy, weighted Rye. So if you love Manhattan cocktails like I do, give this one a try!

Gentleman JackPriced at $42.45. Having visited the Jack Daniels Distillery, this place holds a special spot in my heart for me. What I have to say about Jack Daniels is that I’m always shocked. I’m Always shocked at how much I enjoy most of their expressions, the quality of the ingredients and in this case the value. Gentleman Jack offers an approachable, delicious palate for most, that’s easy to sip on its own. But where does it shine for me? Cocktails! Peaches and Caramel comes through a ton for me here, which is probably why in Cocktails it shines and holds its own.

Something, Something in the Middle

You’ll find American Whiskey priced between $50 – $100

Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye – Priced at $55.95. There are 3 reasons to go for this amazing bottle. For one it’s Basil Hayden’s which has long been a favourite of mine in terms of brands. Two, we’ve got a Rye, which if it hasn’t been evident in this Gift Guide, is my cup of tea. Lastly, this Rye gets a touch of port added to the distillate, which is pure spirit gold. I love the addition of port or sherry in the whiskey realm, which is perfect here to balance off the spice that is all Rye. Only pure excitement for this limited bottle at the LCBO!

Angel’s Envy Whiskey – Priced at $79.95. I first fell in love with Angel’s Envy when I would bring in bottles after visiting family in the states. So when they finally reached the shelves at the LCBO, you wouldn’t believe my excitement. This award winning distillery is worth all the hype for me. Now we only have the Original Whiskey here, but if you can get your hands on their Rye…you will not be disappointed.

Michter’s Rye WhiskeyPriced at $87.55. Again, we have another brand that you pretty much know you’re getting a quality spirit. These 3 brands mentioned in this section are a staple in my home bar and you have no idea how appreciative I am that it’s available in Ontario. Looking for a delicious Manhattan? Grab a bottle of this with a nice Spanish Red Vermouth and you’re winning.

Go Big or Go Home

Here you’ll find our premium selection options at over $100 for 750ml.

I’m out of touch when it comes to American Whiskies, at least when it comes to the premium selections. So I didn’t want to give you specific bottles having not tried many of them to feel sure about my recommendations. What do I suggest instead? Well, there are great influencers like Julie (@redlipwhiskydiary) that will share all her wisdom. But I also know what brands tends to fly off the shelves that people gravitate towards to. If you’re at the LCBO and you can find Little Book or Weller, you can almost guarantee a winner.

Looking for Whiskey inspired Recipes? We’ve got a library of recipes to choose from, just check out the link HERE!

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