Upcycle Your Holiday Drinks – How to Repurpose and Reuse your Holiday Ingredients in Drinks!

It’s a special Holiday feature on CTV’s The Social and I’m sharing tips on how to “upcycle” or “reuse” some of the ingredients you already have on your Holiday Table this season into your cocktails! That’s right. I’m getting you to create less for the Holidays because this time is crazy enough as it is. From repurposing your Wine for those who don’t love Red, using Carrots and Sweet Potato in your next Old Fashioned, Cranberry Sauce and more. Ready for all the fun?

If you’d like to catch the live action of this special holiday segment, make sure to click on the photo below.

Fun with Cranberry Sauce

Are you like me? Cranberry Sauce is a necessary but there’s always too much? We’ve got you covered with a Cranberry Gin Sour that uses Cranberry Sauce and a classic London Dry Gin; Broker’s Gin. Click on the photo below for details.

Calling all Red Wine Haters

I’m giving a special shout out to my brother for this one. He can appreciate great cocktails and wine, but he hasn’t always been the biggest fan of Reds. So this is for the person in your family that doesn’t love Red Wine, but you still want them to experience the food and wine pairing in a way they may appreciate.

Carrot & Sweet Potato Old Fashioned

I know. I know. This sounds strange. But I share with you how it’s the COMPLETE opposite, and how to create this dream Old Fashioned at home, using Yellowstone Bourbon, Dillon’s Hot Pepper Bitters and a homemade Carrot and Sweet Potato Syrup.

It’s Raining Clementines

During this season, I can be excessive with the clementines. To a point where they may start to expire. We don’t want that, especially during this time, so I share an Alcohol-Free Punch that is insanely delicious, easy to make and if you want the booze, you’ve got options!

Want to catch more segments from CTV’s The Social? Check out the link attached for all my years of fun with these ladies.

Monica Carbonell

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