Clearing out your bar – #DrinkYourGram Style

So for this week on #DrinkYourGram, I was in a cleaning frenzy, which typically includes cleaning / clearing out my bar, and nothing bugs me more than that 2 oz left in a bottle! With that in mind, I wanted to ask you what you needed to clear out for a fresh bottle. The answers were all over the place and to be honest, I couldn’t decide on one….So I made 4 drinks instead. I broke it up into 4 unique categories that kept coming up for this imbibe. Want to see what I created? Check out the recipes linked below!


A bunch of Amaro’s came up on my feed, including Nonino and Montenegro. I decided to whip up a cocktail with Amaro Montenegro, but I will also outline how you can switch up spirits depending on what you have at home! To find the recipe, click on the photo below.


Another classic! But one particular follower wanted me to make something refreshing with B&B and I was all about this challenge. Check out how I use Brandy in this incredible imbibe.


This would technically fit under Brandy considering Pisco comes from Grapes, BUT it truly is it’s own category so I figured why not whip up something with this iconic spirit. I’ve been a fan of Pisco for a long time, so it was nice to whip up something again this time around, and it’s NOT a Pisco Sour. Check out what I’ve created here!


Surprisingly, this came up quite a bit. For me, Gin is one of the most versatile spirits and easy to mix with pretty much EVERYTHING. But since you guys asked (A LOT), I stir up this delicious number combining Gin, Lillet Blanc and much more. To find the recipe click on the photo below!

Monica Carbonell

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