Four Refreshing Summer Cocktails with your Bar Leftovers

Featured is a link to my episode with CTV’s The Social that highlights how to use those liquor bottles that just never seem to move from your bar, or you have no idea what to do with. I help you solve your bar hoarding problems with four delicious summer recipes!

As I start to build my Video portfolio on Liquid Culture, I can’t help but laugh at my first segment with The Social. It was a crazy learning experience for me, and I’m lucky enough to have gone through it. I also can’t tell you how AWKWARD it is to watch yourself, knowing everything that was going on in my head and behind the scenes. But for my first TV gig, I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely loved the experience, and in the end, they brought me back. Click on the photo below for link to the episode!

When it came to choosing what bottles to feature, I had asked the host what they had on their bar that they weren’t too sure how to use. We ended up highlighting Blue Curacao, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Dry/White Vermouth and Sambuca! Some of these bottles were definitely a challenge, but I had so much fun with the recipes, and they seemed to love it too!

You can find the recipes for these cocktails on the CTV website, and I also have a link to the Blue Cove which I featured in a beautiful Rainbow lineup with Tossware.



Monica Carbonell

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