Holiday French Cobbler – St. Remy Signature Brandy Cocktail

Today, Liquid Culture is featuring a recipe for my folks that holiday in the tropics. When you need that refreshing imbibe, but still want the Holiday feels, this cocktail does it all for me! If you love a classic Cobbler cocktail like I do, you’ll love this take with the St Remy Signature Brandy. Ready to start stirring?

First and foremost, I can’t take credit for this cocktail. That’s right, a cocktail that isn’t created by Liquid Culture. I know, that’s a rare one. But when something is perfect, and delivered oh so perfectly by a client, you can’t resist. I have LONG been a fan of Cobblers and don’t think we see them enough. They’re so bright and fresh and exactly what I need if I were on the coast of the French Riviera with the sun on my skin.

Building your Holiday French Cobbler

The key thing to note about a Cobbler is the importance of technique and ICE! If you’re not going to use crushed ice, I wouldn’t even bother with this cocktail. It will be a completely different cocktail, and one you may not enjoy.

The other thing that truly distinguishes a good Cobbler is the quality of the ingredients. Having a bad brandy is another big no-no, that’s why I got excited to partner up with St Remy with their Signature release! You’re getting a lot of warming spices in this Brandy, plus a ton of autumn flavours and dried fruits. Like I said, this is the perfect Holiday Brandy, handy in MANY recipes here on Liquid Culture.

French Cobbler

We're creating a seasonal Holiday Cobbler made with the iconic St. Remy Signature Brandy.

– Difficulty: Expert

Servings 1 Cocktail
Author St Remy Signature


  • 2 oz St Remy Signature
  • 1 oz Rich Simple Syrup (2:1)
  • 1/2 oz Lime Juice
  • Mint
  • Berries and Seasonal Fruit for Garnish


  1. In a mixing glass, combine mint and syrup, then muddle.

  2. Add lime juice and 3/4 oz of St Remy Signature.

  3. Add ice until mixing glass is halfway full with ice, stir to chill.

  4. Add remaining spirits and more ice, stir until chilled.

  5. Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice to the top. Strain cocktail into rocks glass.

  6. Add a large sprig of mint and a handful of fresh berries to they are covering the entire drink.

Recipe Notes

Whenever a recipe references Rich Simple Syrup, it typically means a 2 part ratio of sugar with 1 part ratio of water. 

Want to find more ways to use Brandy at home? Check out the link HERE for inspiration!

Monica Carbonell

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