Liquid Culture’s Holiday Gift Guide – All Things Agave

You’re probably here because you have a special someone that loves everything Agave on your Holiday List. We’re talking the Mezcal seekers, and Tequila Fanatics who love to sip these spirits on its own or in delicious cocktails! Browsing through the aisles at the LCBO can seem intimidating, but Liquid Culture is here to take away the anxiety this Holiday Season. This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is filled with a variety of Agave Based Spirits to choose from, with your budget in mind.

For point of reference, please note that all bottles mentioned are items that are / should be available in Ontario. For the international guests on here, I kept in mind the selection that’s available within our province and know full well that there is still a WORLD of products yet to be tasted.

All Bottles and Products mentioned are entirely unsponsored. We wanted to provide you with our outmost honesty this holiday season. This way no one is getting crappy gifts this season.

Budget Friendly Agave

It was important for me to come up with Budget Friendly Agave options for this Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you’re looking for a Stocking Stuffer offer, have a limited budget for Secret Santa, or maybe you’re looking for something Value driven for your Holiday Party at home, this list is for you. Showcasing bottles under the $70 price range that offers great value and maybe something a bit different from your norm.

Mezcal Amores Verde Momento – Priced at $62.45. I love a Mezcal that goes against the typical. I’ve been fortunate to try some outstanding Mezcals that don’t just offer a heavy smoked palate, but bring some unique to their profile. In terms of availability, this Mezcal needs to be on your next wish list, especially for those wanting to explore the Agave category.

Olmeca Altos Plata – Priced at $44.95. When it comes to a value driven Blanco Tequila that’s 100% Agave, this is one of my go-to’s! If you’re looking to bring some festive Margarita’s to the party, I suggest something that’s going to taste great at a great price.

Tierra Noble Blanco TequilaPriced at $49.95. This was one of those bottles that I was shocked to see at the LCBO. Highly regarded brand within the Agave community, and rare to find! So if you spot this Blanco in the LCBO, make sure you grab it. This or ANY of their expressions, you will not be disappointed.

Something, Something in the Middle

You’ll find Agave-based Spirits priced between $50 – $100

El Tesoro Anejo – Priced at $94.95. With the rise in so many celebrity tequilas (and a lot of them mediocre at best), I’m always happy to see some true gems come through the LCBO. El Tesoro is definitely one of them, and for my purest looking for a quality Anejo, THIS IS IT!

El Tequileno Gran Reserva Reposado – Priced at $88.45. If you want to know what the people of Jalisco drink for tequila brands, then let me introduce you to El Tequileno! They are the brand of choice for the famed tequila town, and one of the few tequila distilleries that distill ONLY their brand of tequila. If value, quality and sustainability is what you’re looking for in a tequila, then look no further!

Siempre AnejoPriced at $96.20. This Tequila house is actually founded by a Mexican-Canadian couple, that again puts the utmost importance on its craft, sustainability and quality. This Anejo brings something very different, with a lot more chocolate notes than I’ve seen in most Anejo’s. Worth every drop.

Go Big or Go Home

Here you’ll find our premium selection options at over $100 for 750ml.

Clase de Azul Anejo. The iconic bottles from the Clase de Azul brand make this a staple for most bars. But I’d have to say, out of their entire lineup, their Anejo is what does it for me. The Anejo is not a bottle that’s available at the LCBO (but you can find the Reposado and Mezcal!). What I would recommend is reaching out to find out the distributor bringing in the Tequila, and see if you can purchase through them. You’ll likely have to order a case, but if you’re willing to spend the hundreds for this tequila, I’m sure a small case won’t phase you.

Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Extra Anejo – Priced at $161.55. Premium Tequilas, and just tequila in general are low in availability here in Ontario. With the amount of time it takes to produce quality Tequila, that’s why you’re going to find the shelves low with options. But this Mayan Extra Anejo is a great substitute for those wishing there was more Don Julio 1942 around.

For those looking for more options, I’d also reach out to the Distributor Cottonwood Agency here in Ontario. They offer some excellent premium tequilas that are very unique. You may have to order a case via their website, but from my understanding, single bottles may finally be an option for purchase!

Looking for Agave inspired Recipes? We’ve got a library of recipes to choose from, just check out the link HERE!

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