Liquid Culture’s Holiday Gift Guide – All Things R(h)um

You’re probably here because you have a special someone that loves everything R(h)um on your Holiday List. Browsing through the aisles at the LCBO can seem intimidating, but Liquid Culture is here to take away the anxiety this Holiday Season. This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is filled with a variety of R(h)um’s to choose from, with your budget in mind.

For point of reference, please note that all bottles mentioned are items that are / should be available in Ontario. For the international guests on here, I kept in mind the selection that’s available within our province and know full well that there is still a WORLD of products yet to be tasted.

All Bottles and Products mentioned are entirely unsponsored. We wanted to provide you with our outmost honesty this holiday season. This way no one is getting crappy gifts this season.

Budget Friendly Rum

It was important for me to come up with Budget Friendly options for this Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you’re looking for a Stocking Stuffer offer, have a limited budget for Secret Santa, or maybe you’re looking for something Value driven for your Holiday Party at home, this list is for you. Showcasing bottles under the $50 price range that offers great value and maybe something a bit different from your norm.

Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum – Priced at $41.15. When it comes to rum, I always try to explore the different regions its distilled. We tend to have a limited selection from St Lucia, which is why I’ve added Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum to this list. I love the flexibility this rum can bring to a cocktail, but it can fully withstand it’s own. If you’re not sipping Rum neat, you’re not doing it right. This is definitely worth a spot on your home bar.

Novo Fogo Cachaca – Priced at $46.95. I know some people that would be offended with me adding Cachaca to the rum category, but hey, I’m trying to reach the masses and we have to start educating somewhere. Cachaca is in itself its own category, but for those new to this spirit, think of it as the Rum of Brazil. Distilled from freshly pressed Sugar Cane Juice, it’s unlike anything you’ll find in most rums. I wanted to feature Novo Fogo, because there’s a lot of Bad Cachaca out there that can deter you from the category. THIS my friends is the real deal, so do your palate a favour by picking this up!

Gosling’s Black Seal Rum 151 ProofPriced at $48.95. It’s no secret my love for Gosling’s Rum, but you have no idea how excited I got when the 151 proof was finally stocked on the LCBO shelves. So I added this bottle to the list for that reason alone, so grab it before it’s all gone! Why do you need it? For my cocktail folks, a 151 proof can be your best friend in the most delicious ways!

Something, Something in the Middle

You’ll find R(h)um priced between $50 – $100

Appleton Estate 15 yr old – Priced at $79.95. I have a serious love for Jamaican Rum. That funky style you can find no where else is what gravitates me towards this amazing spirit. The 15 yr old is a new release from Appleton Estate that I was lucky to get my hands on. If you can as well, DO IT, because it is oh-so-special.

Real McCoy 12 yr – Priced at $80. For rum fans in Ontario, Real McCoy should get you excited. Coming from the legendary Foursquare Distillery that is CONSTANTLY winning award after award, having access to some of their rums is always a treat! Real McCoy is just that and some of my favourite Daiquiri’s are made with this brand. But this isn’t your typical cocktail rum, sip and savour this gem before it’s all gone.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Double Cask BlendPriced at $59.95. Mount Gay has long been a favourite and staple of mine on my home bar. This Double Cask Blend offers something unique to the Black Barrel fans. Heavy Oak plays a role here, but it’s still wonderfully blended with the tropical notes you love.

Go Big or Go Home

Here you’ll find our premium selection options at over $100 for 750ml.

Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum – Priced at $100.35. For me, this rum comes at an incredible value and is a GREAT rum to serve during the holidays. It comes with all the holiday spices you love from cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise. This rum is based from their Black Seal distillate, aged in charred oak barrels for approximately 16-19 years. A rare one to find at the LCBO, so ensure you check out store inventory for availability!

Mount Gay Port Cask Expression – Priced at $249.95. I will fully admit, that this is something I haven’t had the pleasure of trying, but here’s what I can tell you. Mount Gay is always a winner in my books. Barbados comes with strict laws with their Rum production, which makes me trust what I’m getting in a bottle. Then we have the addition of the Port Cask. I can tell you right now, Port and Sherry casks work WONDERS when it comes to aging Rum and Whiskies. So I have no doubt this will be as spectacular as I’m dreaming of.

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