Mother’s Day Brunch Cocktails at Home with The Social

This is one truly special cocktail segment with my ladies on CTV’s The Social. Not only are we celebrating Moms for Mother’s Day, but we’re doing it in the comforts of my home! Want to learn how to make this mother’s day extra special with cocktail recipes? Or maybe you’re stuck doing it yourself. That’s okay. We’ve got you covered!

If you’re a visual person and want to catch this cocktail segment live? Make sure to follow this link here and watch me shake up Alcohol Free Drinks and Cocktails for your mom this weekend (psst, if it’s not up yet, it’s because it hasn’t aired yet!).

And for those of you looking for the recipes, well make sure to click on the photos to take you to the delicious, easy recipes!

But first, Earl Grey…

We started off the segment showing you just how easy it is to make Earl Grey Syrup at home. All you have to do is combine boiled water, sugar, earl grey tea and stir! With that you can make a number of unique beverages, which for this episode we include the Bubbly Earl (your Grapefruit and Earl Grey Mimosa) and an outstanding Non-Alcoholic Lemonade mixed with Earl Grey. Click on the photo for recipe details.

Earl Grey Lemonade
Earl Grey Syrup
Bubbly Earl

Spring & Stormy

I can’t say no to a delicious ginger beer cocktail, and the Dark n Stormy classic gets a spring facelift made with Strawberry and Jalapeno! Want to learn how this is made? Click on the photo below for recipe details!

Cucumber Basil Smash

When you need an easy, refreshing Vodka cocktail, look no further than this delicious number, combining Prairie Organic Vodka, Cucumber, Basil and Elderflower Liqueur!

Can’t find a recipe you like? Good thing for you, this site is jam packed with recipe suggestions, including my recent collection of Brunch recipes for home! Check it out by following this link here. And for all the Mom’s out there, I just want to wish you a very Happy Social Distancing Mother’s Day <3

Monica Carbonell

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