Celebrating World Gin Day with some of Canada’s finest!

Today is a very special day. Of all the spirits out there, I don’t think there’s one as versatile, vast and widely recognized as much as Gin. It’s the reason I fell in love with cocktails in the first place. My OG love and obsession started with Gin, as I find with most people who first start to dive into this crazy cocktail world. Hell, we even have a library of Gin Drinkstagrammers, dedicated to this category, because that’s how many OPTIONS are out there. With it being World Gin Day today, I decided to highlight the place I’m lucky to call home. I’m here to showcase some of the unique and best Gins Canada has to offer. Ready to take a trip with me coast to coast? Make sure to click the links below for recipes!

Nova Scotia – Steinhart Gin

There’s nothing quite like a Vesper Martini for me, and I decided to make a unique twist with this Award Winning Nova Scotian Gin!

Quebec – Ungava Gin

This is one truly Canadian product, using only botanicals native in Canada, and with a truly unique flavour profile. I went out on a limp and made an outstanding Cobbler/Julep that I may like a lot more with Gin now than Bourbon.

Ontario – Collective Arts

If you’ve been following LC for more than a day, then you know my love and appreciation for Collective Arts. They were first a brewer before diving into the world of distilling, and they’ve hit the mark with their Artisanal Gin. See how I create my own unique LC version of a Clover Club with Collective Arts!

British Columbia – Empress Gin

When it comes to iconic Gin brands, Empress is definitely up there, having collaborated with Victoria Gin and the infamous Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. I whipped up a delicious summer tea spritz using Lavender and Jasmine. Warning, you won’t have just one.

Monica Carbonell

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