Cocktail Hacks with The Social

Hi Everyone! I can’t wait to share one of my favourite concepts with my fellow Canadians and those around the world that follow Liquid Culture. See how I turn household items into wonderful tools for your home mixology!

The moment I thought of this pitch, I knew the girls on The Social would love it. If you want to catch my segment, just make sure to follow the link attached.

There are so many tools in our kitchen and home that can be used for cocktails, and I’m ready to share those tricks with you today. Because the reality is, if you’re a newbie in the cocktail world, you probably don’t want to spend your budget on new gear right away. I get it. It’s not exactly a cheap hobby, but once you start to invest in things a bit more, you’ll realize how important those tools are. IN THE MEANTIME THOUGH, you can still whip up a delicious cocktail with everyday items.

In this segment, I go over some interesting concept. See how I use a French Press for the ultimate infusion experience with ‘It’s Scotch Thyme‘. You can shake, stir or even use a mason jar, just like I’ve done with the ‘Watermason Mule‘. Love Jam? Well you can use it in your cocktail as a sugar substitute! See how I’ve used it in the ‘Blueberry is my Jam‘ recipe. Lastly, I whip up a cocktail with the unusual Vinegar, to create a delicious Shrub and beer cocktail recipe! I call her ‘Strawberry and the Shrub‘.

Monica Carbonell

Hi, I’m Monica and I’m your Fairy Barmother. At Liquid Culture, creativity is encouraged and education is used to empower followers to be the best they can be. We want to provide you with the tools to confidently bartend within your own home and to have some fun while doing it too! Inside this website you will find recipes, videos, articles and more that will teach you everything you need to know about being your best Home Bartender!


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