Coco Peaches – Coconut Water and Peach Iced Tea

I promised you all some easy #DryJanuary creations this year and what’s more refreshing than an Iced Tea flavoured with Coconut and Peaches! This has me reflecting back on my days of pure peach obsession, and this delicate flavour comes through with an iconic tea. This is an easy beverage to make in advanced, and if you love coconut water as much as I do, you’ll love how these flavours pair.

With an easy cocktail, comes an easy write up. I won’t dive into this beverage as much as some of the cocktails I’ve created, but I will list off a few suggestions in case you don’t love Coconut Water or don’t have access to Sloane’s Peaches and Cream tea.

Peaches and Cream Iced Tea

I first discovered this tea at a bakery here in Toronto, and I have yet to find a tea flavour quite like it. So I STRONGLY suggest that if you love tea as much as I do, do a little research to seek this out. I’m sure you could also purchase Sloane’s Peaches and Cream online, but some of the retail stores I’ve seen carry this in Toronto has been Pusateri’s and Cheese Boutique.

I will admit, this stuff isn’t exactly cheap, but if you love tea as much as I do, then you’ll understand why I “spoil” myself with this. Can’t seem to find it or can’t purchase this tea online? Try to find anything peach tea flavoured and add a dash of vanilla to the mix. That’s what really makes this tea stand out, with its warming spice properties that makes this both bright yet warming.

Coconut Water

Coconut water lends so well with warming spices as well as bright flavours, that’s why I knew this could work in this Iced Tea creation. Just make sure you have some decent quality Coconut Water on hand. Some of my favourites have been Mojo and Grace’s 100% Coconut Water.

Don’t go for any coconut milks or cream here, because it will just overpower the tea flavours. I went delicate on both fronts so that this beverage can balance!

If for some reason you don’t want to use Coconut Water, simply substitute regular water and make this a simple Peaches and Cream Iced Tea. That, or go with a delicate juice such as White Cranberry. You COULD go the route of Verjus, but since that’s much harder to find in the regular grocery store, stick to water. If you do have access to Verjus, simply change up the ratio from 1/2 and 1/2 to 1/3 part Verjus and 2/3 part Peach Tea!

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Coco Peaches

Featuring a Coconut Water and Peaches Iced Tea Beverage, the perfect quencher for any day!

– Difficulty: Easy

Servings 4 cups
Author Monica C


  • 2 cups Coconut Water Mojo or Grace's 100% Coconut Water suggested
  • 2 cups Steeped Sloane's Peaches and Cream Tea Room Temp
  • 2 tbsp Honey
  • 6 Dehydrated Oranges


  1. Grab a pitcher, and while the tea is still warm, stir in your honey until dissolved. Let this come to room temperature before adding the rest of the ingredients.

  2. Fill your pitcher with ice and add the rest of the ingredients.

Recipe Notes

I followed the steeping instructions on the Sloane can/box. Remember, while still warm, add the honey before letting it come to Room Temperature.


Adjust the sweetness to your preference. Just note that the coconut water will be sweet to begin with, so ensure you test it out once you’ve combined the two. If you’d like to add more, make a Honey syrup so it easily incorporates into your Iced Tea. To make the Honey Syrup, simply combine 1 part boiled water with 1 part honey and stir. 

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