Tiki Party – 4 Unique Cocktail Recipes for your Tiki Summer Party

Today I’ll be featuring 4 very unique Tiki-inspired cocktails with the ladies on The Social. You can find all the recipes inspired for this episode and the live video here!

I have a lot of people to thank for this episode of The Social. First and foremost, if you LOVE the decor, punch bowls, tiki mugs, pretty much every glassware item on the show was provided by The Crafty Bartender. Donna was a massive help, making sure I was well stocked for the show. I’ve bought glassware from their online shop before, and believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the product! PLUS, because I love this community so much, I was able to get a discount code off all tiki products! Simply use the discount code TIKI15 until Sunday, June 16th, 2019, at the checkout and you’ll get 15% off!

Also, when it comes to ice, I always get a supply from Toronto’s Iceman. Yup, he exists, and NO, he is not a version of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze. He’s just someone that’s passionate about the very influential effects of ice in your drinks. If you want any style of ice, believe me, he has it!

That MOJO Coconut Water I obsess about, and all the amazing produce I ever get, is pretty much always provided by the team at Urban Fresh Produce. I’m lucky that I’m close to the St Lawrence Market, but I’m even more blessed that I can call up these folks whenever I need anything. All the random herbs I need, or edible flowers, or random exotic fruits, they’ve got the hook up. So whenever you’re in the city, make sure to give them a hi!

Then, of course there are the liquor suppliers for the show. It takes a ton of effort to coordinate bottles and brands for my episodes on The Social. Typically I’ll get at least a month to plan out my segments, but this time around, the date was just around the corner. So I want to thank everyone who helped me put together some exceptional brands and amazing cocktails for this show! You are loved <3

Since the show is a live tapping, I will be featuring the video as soon as it’s available online later today. In the meantime, get to read about the cocktails featured, a little bit of history to them and their delicious recipes!

Coco Rosa
Banana Boat
Hot for Peaches
Classic Fog Cutter

Monica Carbonell

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