Celebrating all things Alcohol-Free Cocktails with CTV’s The Social

We’re celebrating all things Fall with a very special Alcohol-Free Cocktails segment with the ladies on CTV’s The Social. With my pregnancy, I’ve really had to take a deep dive into the Alcohol-Free realm and there is so much selection now that I think few people know about. So I’m here to share some of my favourite finds to make sure you’re prepared with sophisticated Alcohol-Free beverages for the holidays coming up!

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Alcohol-Free Cocktails and the Freedom

We’re in a new realm of sipping. The Alcohol-Free selections that are now available are incredible and continues to grow and get better. Because we all have those times where we want to drink less, or we’re DD, but we want something sophisticated and not just your cranberry soda. We dive into 3 special recipes in this segment, which I’ll be breaking down for you here.

Alcohol-Free Wine

There’s a lot of Alcohol-Free Wines out there…and I can tell you, they’re not all great. But I found a product out of Germany that I absolutely love and is a must try this season! With their Sparkling Rose, I build a Fall Sangria that will let you forget all your troubles.

Pear me a Break

This cocktail was shaken up with my enthusiasts in mind. With a combination of Fluere’s Smoked Agave and a MUST-HAVE Bianco Vermouth that’s alcohol-free, you’ll love this Fall Pear Cocktail.

Bite Me…with a Alcohol-Free Bitter Aperitivo and Orange Tonic Water

The products I have featured in this segment are OUTSTANDING on it’s own. But together, oh man, it is just magic! I’m here to share your new Alcohol-Free Campari substitute with one of my favourite Tonic Waters period.

Want to catch more of my episodes with the ladies on CTV’s The Social? Head over to this link HERE for all the inspo!

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