Retro Cocktails with CTV’s The Social

To celebrate the 10th season of CTV’s The Social, we are going OLD SCHOOL with some of the cocktails we used to sip (willingly or not). We’re going to make Retro Cocktails great again with a revamp of the Long Island Iced Tea, a proper Singapore Sling, as well as reshaking the pornstar martini! Ready to start shaking these Retro Cocktails? Check out all the fun below.

If you want to catch my live segment and watch the fun yourself, make sure to follow this LINK or click on the photo below.

The Hamptons (Revamp of the Long Island Iced Tea)

Layering cocktails isn’t new to the classic cocktail scene, and one that I still practice to this day. Unfortunately, the original Long Island Iced Tea recipe has always felt like an upgraded Jungle Juice. I’m layering in spirits with PURPOSE, mixing in Mezcal, Brandy, Rum and more. Check out this retro cocktail reshaken and details on how you can shake this up at home.

Singapore Sling

This is one of those classics that’s truly great, but bad ingredients, poor substitute choices and methods have given this cocktail a bad rep. I talk about the core ingredients and how measures are VERY important in this classic. To find out more, click on the photo below!

Night at the Roxbury (reshake of the retro cocktail Pornstar Martini)

I’m still surprised when I hear people order this cocktail, mainly because I know the core ingredients to make this cocktail great are rarely found. So I decided to rebrand this retro cocktail by using a Coconut Tequila, Passion Fruit Juice and a local Sparkling Wine you will fall in love with. To find out more, click the photo below.

Want to check out more of my segments on CTV’s The Social? Click on the link attached for all the fun.

Monica Carbonell

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