Let’s Chat Agave with CTV’s The Social

Out of all the spirit categories that I have tasted so far, Agave holds a special place in my heart and tends to be my go-to. From Tequila and all the varying style of Mezcal, it’s the one thing I can’t seem to stock enough of on my bar. So I was very excited to talk all things Agave with the ladies on CTV’s The Social. Want to know the cocktails we created? Head down below for details!

First and foremost, I have one very special person to thank when it came to putting together this episode. Jonny, better known as Agave Jonny, was my lead in making sure I was connected with the right people and bringing you the best Agave has to offer. His expertise and knowledge helped tremendously, plus I got some great help from the team at Sovereign Wine & Spirits (Hi Jon!), and the handy Drunken Botanist book, which I highly recommend if you want to nerd out on the ingredients that make our delicious booze. Please show your support by following Jonny and picking up this book!

Seeing as we are somewhat limited in terms of the different types of Agave spirits here in Ontario, we decided to steer our focus to just Tequila and Mezcal for today’s segment. There’s so much to share, plus so many tasty cocktails, that it was hard to limit this to just four. Want to catch my segment on video? Head over to the link attached for details!

Our adventure with Agave first talks about the infamous tequila, as we explore its varying styles, and show how exactly when and how to use Blanco and Reposado Tequilas in cocktails. Make sure to click on the images below to get to the recipe you’d like to mix up next!

After that, we chat all things Mezcal, showing you how to incorporate Mezcal for the light of heart, and showcasing the diversity within this spirit category and NO it’s not overwhelmingly smoky!

Monica Carbonell

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