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Strawberry Mint Shrub Beer

Today, I’m bringing you a cocktail that combines two concepts that I’m extremely passionate about. First we have the unique

Raspberry & Basil Shrub Julep

This is the first of many cocktails you will see featuring Toronto’s False Ox Shrub Concentrates, and I have to

What the Shrub?!

You’re probably asking yourself the exact same question that I had when I first heard the word ‘Shrub’; What the

Peach, Raisin and Cinnamon Shrub

I’m quickly becoming obsessed with Shrubs, and I couldn’t think of a better fruit then PEACHES to introduce Shrubs into

Pineapple Shrub Infusion

Shrubs are just as simple as infusions. As long as you place everything in a sealed, sterile container away from

Jack and Rona

If there had to be a cocktail that would boost your immune system, this would be it. See how Jack


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