Raspberry Syrup

This Raspberry Syrup was created for the Florodora Cocktail featured for #TBThirsty, but don’t be surprised if you see if

Spiced Red Wine Reduction

This reduction is pretty much a mulled wine recipe…but not. I would never put this much sugar in a mulled

Hibiscus Rose Syrup

This syrup was created with the Italian Rose in mind, which pays tribute to Evelina of @bipolarbartender and Amy of

Kale Infused Tequila

The title says it all. We have a Kale Stem infused Tequila which comes in handy for this “healthy”-ish vibe

Cucumber, Kale and Turmeric Syrup

This syrup was used for a special inspired feature by Aaron Hatchell (@aaron_hatchell) for this outstanding Hatchell & Kale Tequila

Gose Beer Reduction

This beer reduction was inspired by a fellow Drinkstagrammer, and I turned to a local Ontario gem for this special

Celery and Apple Syrup

Created in honour of Seedlip’s Garden 108 and Green Giant recipe, this syrup is a dream for your next mocktail

A library of infusions, syrups and purees used here at Liquid Culture

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