Chestnut Syrup

I won’t lie to you, this chestnut syrup takes a bit of work. However, it is worth every minute and

Strawberry Shrub

Check out my infusion recipe for your own, homemade Strawberry Shrub, recently featured on CTV’s The Social!

Guava Demerara Syrup

One of my favourite syrups to date that incorporates my favourite Caribbean fruit! Created for the Caribana Ting cocktail, find

Dill Pickle Infused Vodka

You never have to worry about carrying olive brine in your fridge if you want a dirty martini. This Vodka

Coconut & Thai Mango Vermouth

If this infusion doesn’t get you drooling, I don’t know what will. I combined this wonderful mix of flavours for

Chai Infused Sweet Vermouth

We have another winner when it comes to the infusion department! See how I whip up this Chai Infused Sweet

Strawberry Campari Infusion

Strawberry and Campari go hand in hand. It’s easy to incorporate this Strawberry Campari Infusion in a number of your

French Press – Honey Pot

With this new obsession with French Pressed Cocktails, I’ve been pretty busy in the kitchen experimenting with a ton of

A library of infusions, syrups and purees used here at Liquid Culture

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