Liquid Culture’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Bartender

Welcome to what I hope to be the first of MANY Holiday Gift Guides I create on the Liquid Culture platform. I wanted to put together my ultimate list of cocktail goodies. I realized I mention tools, books and products sporatically on my platform (especially Instagram, make sure to follow me there), but nothing where everything is put together in one convenient list. Lastly, and most importantly, I wanted to keep this completely unsponsored. I didn’t want any influence of brands what-so-ever, so this is my tried and true. The products I’ve grown to love over the years and what has been a staple for me. I hope you find this Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Bartender useful for you this season, because friends, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve put together here. Ready for the holidays? You will be…


Making Spirits Bright

We’re first starting off with all the major Spirit Categories and I’m breaking apart each one into bottles that are great for a budget (or handy for the holiday punch recipes!), products hitting the middle sweet spot, and Spirit Brands you’re looking to splurge on that special someone. Click on the Titles Below to help direct you to each category!

Beyond Spirits

We’re going beyond the bottles and including some of my favourite tools, must-have books, some spoil yourself treats as well as Alcohol-Free Options for the Holidays! 

Check out some of the top Alcohol-Free selections I’ve found over the years. Tested, Tried and with the LC Stamp of Approval.

We’re featuring some of our favourite Sparkling Wines to enjoy this season in both cocktails and on its own!

Here you’ll find all things Tools, Books and more for the Ultimate Home Bartender’s Gift Guide!

Monica Carbonell

Hi, I’m Monica and I’m your Fairy Barmother. At Liquid Culture, creativity is encouraged and education is used to empower followers to be the best they can be. We want to provide you with the tools to confidently bartend within your own home and to have some fun while doing it too! Inside this website you will find recipes, videos, articles and more that will teach you everything you need to know about being your best Home Bartender!


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