Strawberry Shrub

Check out my infusion recipe for your own, homemade Strawberry Shrub, recently featured on CTV’s The Social!

Dill Pickle Infused Vodka

You never have to worry about carrying olive brine in your fridge if you want a dirty martini. This Vodka

Chai Infused Sweet Vermouth

We have another winner when it comes to the infusion department! See how I whip up this Chai Infused Sweet

Strawberry Campari Infusion

Strawberry and Campari go hand in hand. It’s easy to incorporate this Strawberry Campari Infusion in a number of your

Spiced Red Wine Reduction

This reduction is pretty much a mulled wine recipe…but not. I would never put this much sugar in a mulled

Hibiscus Rose Syrup

This syrup was created with the Italian Rose in mind, which pays tribute to Evelina of @bipolarbartender and Amy of


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